Look Like A Book: Ada Twist Scientist

Here is the next installment in my blog series starring everyone’s favorite children’s book characters.

Who wouldn’t want to steal radishes while donning their best blue coat like Peter Rabbit? Or wear a straw hat while ‘poo-poo-ing’ at tigers like Madeline? Each week I will be posting how to get those classic bookish looks for your little ones. I hope to provide some inspiration for birthdays, World Book Day, and Halloween.

This week I sourced the sturdiest scientific goggles and spottiest socks for the fabulous Ada Twist! She never stopped asking ‘Why?’ like all great scientists. I love these books for their inspiring rhymes and inspirational characters. Ada’s parents must be the coolest couple in children’s books!

Below are the links to the exact props but please use what you have already at home, search your nearest thrift store, or borrow from a friend for a more Earth and budget-friendly option.

  1. Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts by Abrams Books.
  2. Spotty Dress
  3. Socks
  4. Shoes
  5. Hair Tie
  6. Planet Model