LOOK LIKE A BOOK: Chirri & Chirra

Here is the next installment in my blog series starring everyone’s favorite children’s book characters.

Each week I will be posting how to get those classic bookish looks for your little ones. I hope to provide some inspiration for birthdays, World Book Day, and Halloween.

This week I traveled to the whimsical world of Chirri & Chirra! DRING DRING! These charming characters were created by a Japanese author/illustrator Kaya Doi and their stories have now been translated into English by Yuki Kaneko. Chirri & Chirra travel everywhere on their bicycles meeting enchanted animals on their adventures. Now please pass the carrot buns and lemon jam!

Below are the links to the exact props but please use what you have already at home, search your nearest thrift store, or borrow from a friend for a more Earth and budget-friendly option.

  1. Chirri & Chirra by Kaya Doi. Translated by Yuki Kaneko. Published by Enchanted Lion Books
  2. White Dresses
  3. Bicycles
  4. Bags
  5. Apple Beret
  6. Bluberry Beret
  7. Cherry Blossom Stickers
  8. Yuzu Marmalade
  9. Shoes