Valentiny Contest Entry 2021

Here is my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny contest.  This year the rules are to write a story (in 214 words or under) for children in which someone feels brave. I really enjoy taking part and reading all the wonderful entries!


Verity, I’m so glad you could come play today.

Aren’t climbing trees the best? You make it look SOOOO easy.

Look, I found a ladybug. They’re red and spotty just like that sweater you wear…except when it’s in the wash and you wear the blue one with stripes.

Elephants are my favorite animal too. It used to be stripy, snarling tigers … but now it’s elephants.

Nobody else from class could make it this afternoon, so I guess it’s just you and me. Although, it could be because I forgot to ask them…

The red envelope? Oh, that’s nothing. Mom must have put it in my bag—she’s always doing that sigh!

It’s Valentine’s Day today? I’d totally and completely forgot.

Nah, I’ll open it later.

Except … I just remembered. It’s actually for you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sure, it was no problem! There were loads of red, spotty elephant cards in the store, so I just grabbed one.

Do I want to go to your house for ice-cream?

Absolutely and definitely.

Yeah, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday too. I’ve been waiting for it ALL week.